“I was very impressed of the art treasures I could hear and see there. Each of these instruments have their own soul, the original antique pianos have tone I never heard before on the world. The outfit of the perfect restored instruments is unique too…But the highest riches of this professional piano-builder is living in his head and heart. To meet with Prof. Dr. Witter means to feel the great love between him and each of his instruments. I believe, he is one of the best of the world in his profession, he is an especially man. The Glimmer of enthusiasm comes over to his customers, they feel immediately the origin musical genius…Generally he is not only a specially marvellous expert in his line of business, he is the top of all. I would wish, he restored pianos would be declared as a “protected national inheritance”, defending this all over the world important culture inheritance for the next generations.”

Robert Goldberg, Israeli concert Pianist


 “It is with pleasure that I recommend Professor Jens-Uwe Witter, musicologist, lexicographer and piano-builder and restorer, to you. He is a professional with extraordinary capabilities in all facets of his work. He often combining his several career endeavours and goals into his projects, which continue to greatly benefit musicologists, pianists, piano-builders and the general musical public…This work represents Professor Witter's standing as a world class musicologists and piano-researcher.. . This is further proof of Witter's enormous interest, persistence and motivation to be one the very top in the field of history of piano manufacturing and industry. Jens-Uwe Witter acts upon his word. His multi-faceted talents, combined with his capability and high degree of motivation, will, for sure, continue to provide the musical world with new developments in the field of piano-building / rebuilding and outstanding literature about the piano making industry.”

The President of the Piano Technicians Guild, Taylor Mackinnon, RPT


Purpose: to endorse and recommend Jens-Uwe Witter as an outstanding piano rebuilder, technician, and tuner. My relationship to Herr Witter: I have known Jens-Uwe Witter for nearly two years, during which time I have found him to be highly competent, extremely motivated, and a friend destined for success in the United States. His drive to improve and expand a once small business in Bavaria has rewarded him with a large and impressive rebuilding shop and display studio, which must include at least two hundred pianos of all ages. He possesses an intense commitment to quality workmanship, and an ear for listening to the needs and wants of his customers. I have been in his shop many times, and him in my house, and I recommend his services without reservation. My qualifications and interests: I have played classical concert-level piano and cello for 18 years. I own three pianos (two concert grands, one upright) of two brand names. Jens has worked on one of my grand pianos in Germany, and I was impressed and very pleased with his results. A recreational musician now, I am a Captain in the U.S. Army, currently serving as an Attack Helicopter (AH-64) Pilot and Company Commander. Jens has an intense drive to generate a successful business in the United States. I write this letter for him because I truly believe his workmanship to be outstanding, and I find dealing with him to be nothing less than a pleasure.

Robert Willis, Captain in the U.S. Army, Pilot and Company Commander


"As I am ... proud owner of a Steinway I would like to thank you. In perfectly renovating this instrument you full filled one of my dreams. Our love to old instruments raised high expectations ... I may confirm you that your work has been perfect. The grand piano has a sound! A wonderful sound! It is a note with soul ... You are playing more with your ears than with your fingers ... The mechanics is smooth and precise and thus enables to play very accurately. The Steinway’s outfit is again immaculate despite its age of nearly 100 years ...  Regarding the grand piano it is evident that ... this work has been a matter near to your own heart. I cannot imagine a bigger praise for an instrument builder."

Martin Wiemer, Judge at the Federal Court, Bonn


 “Mr. Jens-Uwe Witter has an outstanding qualification as piano builder and tuner. He knows the characteristics of any instrument and may thus optimally harmonize repair and restoration. His intuition of tempered tuning is outstanding. Before I knew Mr. Witter I had complaints about concert piano tuners ... this never happened with Mr. Witter. I also estimate his great artistic responsibility. He is a real expert!”

Eberhard Weise, Pianist, Conductor, Composer and Arrangeur, Mitteldeutscher Rundung, Leipzig



“Congratulations on the 2. Edition of your “Piano Encyclopaedia”. Your significant work will have a major impact on all people working in the field of key instruments. ..As a piano maker and author of the “Piano Encyclopaedia” you have made a major contribution of significance to our field.”

The President of the European Union of Piano Maker Associations, Max Matthias



“Your work is extremely extensive in the sense of an historical review as well as a major source for piano making. We can’t appreciate enough Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Witter’s outstanding work. We are sure that you have earned an extraordinary qualification…We also would like to emphasize the international standard of your work… It covers an enormous amount of countries and special facts  about the piano…We would like to say congratulations again to your outstanding achievement.”

B├ľSENDORFER, Pianofacotry GmbH, Vienna



“Because of the intense cooperation with you over many, many years and the knowledge of your dedicated, unconventional work, full of new ideas; we are happy to confirm, that you posses an advanced recognized position in your field as a piano expert….

Besides your outstanding work as an author and researcher, your work as a piano maker in the sense of conservation and restoration of historical instruments should also be highly appreciated.”

European suppliers for piano parts, B & K. Baumg├Ąrtel GmbH



“Only the experts can imagine, the huge research behind those dry numbers. It is almost unreal, that a single individuum is responsible for a gigantic work like this… that Witter’s work is today’s most extensive standard book to identify pianos…. As a piano making expert or as somebody who enjoys exploring this field, the book by J.-U. Witter will definitely be the one you can’t live without. One can not appreciate enough the huge achievement of J.-U. Witter. We would like to congratulate him to his big success. Everybody working in our field is looking forward to seeing the next edition to be published. As we hear, the new work will include the USA, something we have not seen before.”

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marggraf in Instrumentenbau-Zeitschrift, Musik international



Craftsman, Musician and Artist

“... is diligently renovating old pianos ... Jens-Uwe Witter’s world is the music ... Enough work for the music enthusiast whose hobby ... is also his profession ... Mechanical precision work is as important as the sensitive tuning of pianos. The necessary tools are delicate brain surgical instruments, hammer, crowbar and the biggest open-ended spanner. The smallest screw the piano builder is dealing with is one and a half millimetres, the biggest one is 20 centimetres."

News paper, Franken-Umschau, 29.09.1995



For some years now I watched the activities of the handicraft enterprise "Witter’s Piano Service". Mr. Witter established himself as successful craftsman and is well-known as demanded piano technician and tuner. I am convinced of his reliability and of the quality of his work. For many years now Mr. Witter has been tuning and regulating my grand piano to my greatest satisfaction. Even more positive is that the abilities already mentioned are combined with a special interest and a friendly and warm personality turning to other people with attention and interest. Due to my experiences I may recommend Mr. Witter with pleasure."

Prof. Gerd Wachowski, Director Church Music, Dean for the field of church music at the University for Music and Pictorial Arts



“The upper tones again sound like bells. My instrument never had such a perfect sound.”

Paul Koppinger, Chamber Virtuos, Gewandhaus Leipzig


“... absolutely enthusiastic ... even uses operational clamps of surgeons or pincers of orthopaedists. Witter laughs if a friendly doctor names him piano pathologist. He loves his work with and at the instruments and is sure: Being borne again my profession would be piano builder again. This profession is a vocation: it creates challenge and satisfaction ... He is planning further great projects, e.g., the foundation of a museum with playable instruments. Jens-Uwe Witter is a pioneer within his small branch and in Bavaria.”

Sammler-Journal, Europe's magazine for collectors and friends of antiques



“For some years now I know Mr. Witter as very accurate and sensitive expert. His secure judgement and his eye for values in this branch are very reliable. His idealistic attitude and pleasure in his work are omnipresent. I always contact him regarding my own instruments and I was always satisfied.”

Gerhard Kaufmann, Cantor at the Cathedral, T├╝bingen



“I owe many thanks to Mr. Jens-Uwe Witter for having perfectly repaired and intonated my Bechstein piano due to his profound knowledge in the field of piano building. After a visit to his workshop I was convinced of the qualification and scientific precision of Mr. Witter's work at restoration of ancient instruments and I would like to recommend his workshop to colleagues and persons interested in music.”

Otfried Fabian, Lecturer for piano, Music University "Franz Liszt", Weimar



“I would like to thank you again for the well-done restoration and repair of my historical grand piano. Your brilliant work made the grand piano what it had been about 150 years ago - an excellent music instrument both regarding the sound and the optics.”

Dr. Eberhard Schlonski, Rostock



piano maker / restorer / researcher,   Jens Witter, 

Tel. (520) 440-9584, operating nation wide

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